Resources for meeting and group process

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Web Resources

Tree Group
This well-crafted website has dozens of articles, tools, resources to help improve group process.

Consensus Basics
A paper outlining a basic approach to consensus, designed primarily for cohousing groups but any group can use.

Making meetings fun
A paper giving an example of how to turn a budget meeting into a party.

The NW Faclitators Gathering Notes
Several Consensus facilitators gathered in May 98 and shared information.

How to facilitate groups
A handbook of active facilitation ideas.

Readings in Consensus Decision making
A paper with several case studies and lots of descriptions of consensus

Running Effective Meetings
This is part of the resources from Rob Sandelin's Effective Meetings Workshop, lots of practical information here.

The makings of a good meeting: a guide for facilitators
Lots of practical information about running meetings by Kevin Wolf. Available in three formats.

Interpersonal Relationships and Conflict Resolution
Information about personality styles, feeling circles, specific techniques for resolving conflicts.

 On Conflict And Consensus: A Handbook On Formal Consensus Decision making
C.T. Lawrence Butler & Amy Rothstein 1991. $14 post paid from Food Not Bombs Publishing, 295 Forest Ave. #314, Portland, ME 04101.
A specific kind of consensus called formal consensus. Easily adaptable to many situations.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
This site gives you an online personality test with a summary at the end. Interesting for self analysis.

Facilitation Techniques
Notes from the breakout session of the 1997 Cohousing Conference

Working with feelings
An essay from  the Summer issue of Community Resources


The Skilled Facilitator     Roger M. Schwarz 1994
This is an excellent resource book with a great deal of valuable concepts and ideas for facilitators.

Resolving Conflicts with others and within yourself... Gini Graham Scott 1990
A very detailed, step by step practical book on identifying causes of conflicts and tools and techniques for working through them.

Building United Judgment: A handbook For Consensus Decision Making The Center for Conflict Resolution. 1981
Describes techniques which groups can apply to make the principles of consensus decision making work. If you use consensus, you need this book. Highly recommended. Available at the Intentional Communities Store.

A Manual For Group Facilitators Center for Conflict Resolution 1979 88pp.
Good resource for facilitation training in any situation. Lots of how to practical information on facilitating. New Society Publishers, Available at the Intentional Communities Store.

 Making Meetings Work: A Guide For Leaders And Group Members Leland P. Bradford 1976 Pfeiffer and Company.
This is a classic, and still a very valuable book for group centered leadership. Chapter 3, clues to group dysfunction, is good food for thought.

 Making Decisions And Governing In Creating Community Anywhere, Carolyn R. Shaffer & Kristin Anundesen 1993 Tarcher Press.
Good treatment of group dynamics, communications skills, transforming conflict. Available at the Intentional Communities Store.

 Facilitators Guide to Participatory Decision-Making Sam Kaner 1996 New Society Publishers.
An very well done book for training facilitators. Several good practical tips and tricks for running meetings.

 Clearness: Processes For Supporting Individuals And Groups In Decision Making Peter Woodrow. 1976 Available at the Intentional Communities Store.

 Meeting Facilitation: The No Magic Method Berit Lakely 1982 14 pp.

 People Skills Duane Fickeisen pp 147-168 in Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities. 1991 A report for the Gaia Trust by Context Institute.

 Effective Small Group Communication, Fifth edition E.G & N.C. Bormann 1992
This is a textbook with some good examples and sample processes that are useful.

 Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In Roger Fisher and William Ury 1981 Available at the Intentional Communities Store.  A very readable, step-by-step guide to resolving conflicts without compromising friendships.

Democracy in Small Groups John Gastil 1988 Available at the Intentional Communities Store.
A detailed book with many references to journals about group process and dynamics. Mostly focuses on theory, good background reading for the committed facilitator trying to broaden their understanding of how groups work.


Magazine Articles

 Collaborative Decision Making Joel David Welty. Pp 51-52 in Communities:Journal of Cooperative Living. No. 80/81 Spring/Summer 1993

Getting Everyone To Agree Marian Head pp 16 in Communities:Journal of Cooperative Living. No. 80/81 Spring/Summer 1993

Other Media

AudioTapes from Celebration of Community Conference 1993.
Introduction to Consensus by Laird Schaub
Community & Consensus Part I by Caroline Estes
Community & Consensus Part II by Caroline Estes
Introduction to facilitation by Laird Schaub
Problems and Issues in Consensus Facilitation by Laird Schaub and Betty Didcoct
Available from Fellowship for Intentional Community, Box 814 Langley, WA 98260 (206) 221-3064.


Tree Bressen
Tree Bressen is an experienced facilitator working with nonprofits, cohousing groups, activists, schools, and a wide variety of other organizations. Her base is in intentional communities, groups of people who live together and have to deal with each other every day! Her work arises from a desire for people to learn the communication skills that will enable all of us to build a better world together. Tree gives workshops on consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, and related subjects.

Tree Bressen
1680 Walnut Street
Eugene, Oregon 97403

A consulting organization formed by several "master facilitators" from the intentional communities movement. Highly recommended as a training source for facilitation or as troubleshooters for specific problems with meetings or group process problems. Contact Betty Didcot 360-221-3064.

Cross Roads Consulting
Workshops on effective meetings, organizational development. Contact Holly Oneal 360-592-2716