Community Works!

Building a sense of community for volunteer and non-profit groups using collaborative process.

Teaching kids  and adults the skills and processes to observe and record nature.

Facilitating  meetings of all kinds, creative processes and evaluating systems.

I have moved most of my time and energy to teaching natural history skills to homeschoolers. My process workshops are  booked up through the year 2001 and I have no openings until March of 2002.  I will be taking only local, NW region clients  during the year 2002.  E-mail me at to get a link to my online process  manual.

Two other resources for consensus  training are Tree Bresson,  and Laird Schaub


To get more information, or to book a workshop, it is best to email me at You can reach me by phone at 360-668-2043.

Rob Sandelin

Some resources  for collaborative process
Basics of Consensus Process
Facilitators checklist
Intervention and ground rules

Shelter Scale