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Formed: 1989 Established: 1990
Finney Farm
Concrete, Washington,
United States
 Finney Farm consists of 105 wooded acres located in upper Skagit County, Washington. The land is wet, fertile, lovely, and green. Our community exists for many reasons:
• To steward the land in an ecologically sound manner free from traditional development.
• To create and maintain affordable housing, eliminating much of the need for forced wage-slavery.
• To encourage the sharing of resources.
• To work toward common goals of self-sufficiency, autonomy, and community.
• To allow members to pursue personal interests such as creative endeavors, activism, and education on a daily basis.
• To create an environment in which people are living each day with an expectation of open communication, empowerment, and consensus-based decision making.
• To encourage a strong community work ethic, which is beneficial to the community as well as the individual.
We hope to create an environment in which compassion, respect, consideration, independence, integrity, communication, and living the good life are not qualities to be granted or denied but are instead the expectation. We seek to hold this land from traditional destructive development, instead using ecologically sound methods for any growth. The permaculture model isn’t a good fad, it’s a timeless commonsense approach to rural living.
We envision around 10 families living in hand-built houses living on this land. We have a shared garden and orchards, community meals, some child-care sharing, and a community house which includes kitchen, laundry, bath, and office facilities. We also get together for homeschooling, farm work projects, art or craft projects, and performance or volunteer opportunities.
We would like to create a village feel to our community. We hope to have many skilled members who are able to share resources and would encourage trading for goods within the community before seeking goods outside of Finney Farm.
We currently have seven adults and four children living on the farm. We have many skills—journeyman carpenter, seamstress, teacher, mother, wild-edibles enthusiast, homebrewer, knitter, musician, flamenco dancer, spinner, vaudeville and burlesque performer, gardener, tree planter, historian, technical drafter, father, counselor, dancer, laborer, fisherman, bellydance instructor, cook, writer, and much more. We are anarchists/socialists/discordians who are into both DIY living AND community. And a good life.
41638 S Skagit Hwy
Concrete, Washington 98237 United States
Phone: 360-826-4004
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Former/Other Names: Salmonberry Community Land Trust
Last Updated:3/25/2007
Visitors Accepted
Visitor Process: Please contact (by mail, email, or phone) in advance and we'll send you our visitor information.
Adult Members:
Child Members:
Non-member Residents:
Open to new adults:
Open to new children:
Gender Balance:
40% M 60% F
(not including the kids...they're all female)
Open to which gender(s):
All genders welcome
Ethnic Diversity:
20% identify as 'non-white'
Age Focus:
No Focus
(We welcome all ages and encourage a multi-generational community)
Age Restrictions:
Decision Making:
By consensus
Identified Leader:
Leadership Core Group:
Labor and Money
Financial Style:
Members have independent finances
Labor Contribution:
(one hour per day)
Join Fee:
(Non-refundable equity buy-in amount of $5K to be paid as a lump sum or through payments)
Regular Fees:
(Monthly dues in the $200 per member range)
Land and Buildings
105 acres (42.5 hectares)
Land Owned By:
Community-controlled land trust
Number of Residences:
Food, etc.
Percentage of Food Grown:
Share Community Meals:
2-5 times/week
Dietary Choice or Restrictions:
Diet is up to each individual
(Our members are all primarily vegan, but we are open to other practices as well.)
Dietary Practice:
Primarily vegan
Alcohol Use:
Used occasionally
Tobacco Use:
Seldom used
Social Factors
Open to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender members:
Restrictions on Romantic Relationships (between consenting adults):
Shared Spiritual Path:
Which Spiritual Path(s):
Educational Style(s):
Home schooling
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