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Formed: 2010 Established: 2012
Eagle Creek 25 miles outside of Portland, Oregon,
United States
FionaRhea ecstatic on the land
 Just 25 miles outside of beautiful Portland Oregon, situated in the foothills of Mt. Hood on 120 acres, is the home of a rustic enviro-spiritual, healing, permaculture community. Ideally looking for 10 - 20 pioneering individuals or couples to put energy into creating this community. The land is paid for already, so that is not a hurdle; however, everything else: road in, the buildings, water, energy sources, monetary resources etc. still needs to be created. If you like to start with a completely open slate and create from scratch, then this community is for you! Open to all sorts of ideas provided they fit within the realm of being environmentally sound and are suitable to forestland. Consider furniture making, building treehouses and natural buildings, setting up a camp for kids and adults to learn about nature and survival skills, hosting healing retreats, doing llama packing, spinning your own wool etc. Really the possibilities are as large as your imagination. You must be emotionally mature and ready to learn, expand and stretch beyond your comfort zone to make a healthy community and create a true space of love.
We are aiming to create eco-village zoning to become an all encompassing eco-village of 120-130 members. THIS IS A DRUG AND SMOKE FREE COMMUNITY (including marijuana and limited to preferably no alcohol). That's the main limitation/liberation! Please submit your ideas and the gifts you bring for consideration as a founding member of this community to FionaRhea. If you're local to Portland, we meet bi-monthly to discuss the logistics of how to structure our community, what projects to undertake, and have social time as well as discussing the books Creating a Life Together and the Ringing Cedar series as well as share resources. Every summer we'll be hosting campouts on the land to work on a building project. If you're ready to shake your world, you're welcome to just come for rustic living for $250/mo. and start a project.
1215 SE 34 Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214 United States
Phone: 503-234-2811, 503-347-9558
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Last Updated:1/1/2014
Visitors Accepted
Visitor Process: Be prepared to camp out in a rustic, rugged and beautiful setting! In winter 4 wheel drive is best for access. You are responsible for your own potable water at this point in time.
Network Affiliations:
Network Affiliations:
Fellowship for Intentional Community
:: We are planning to create an eco-village zoning
Open to new adults:
(Seeking rustic, pioneering souls.who are Drug, Smoke (including marijuana) and Alcohol FREE)
Age Focus:
No Focus
(seeking a wide age range, want to establish a kids camp.)
Age Restrictions:
(Must be mature and able to deal responsibly with your emotions.)
Decision Making:
Identified Leader:
(FionaRhea, founder for the time being)
Leadership Core Group:
(Self governing group)
Labor and Money
Financial Style:
Members have independent finances
(We have not decided on this yet but hope to make money free living as feasible as possible. Possible 50% income sharing)
Open to Members with Pre-existing Debt:
(But you pay off your own debt with your own means.)
Labor Contribution:
(Tthis will be part of community life perhaps 12 - 15 hours per week, but it will be based on what you want to contribute from your heart.)
Join Fee:
No Answer
(We are exploring the notion of gift ecomony and 50% income sharing .)
Regular Fees:
(A monthly fee if living on the land of around $400.)
Land and Buildings
(just 25 miles from a major metropolian city of 2.5 million)
120 acres (48.6 hectares)
(:Paid for in full.)
Land Owned By:
Individual community member(s)
(FionaRhea currently - will section off a portion for the community.)
No Answer
(Everyone can build what suits their fancy up to 200 sf. and share a common house (yet to be built) for other needs)
Food, etc.
Percentage of Food Grown:
(Not Yet, but the goal is to be self suffient We have planted some fruit trees.)
Share Community Meals:
1-3 times/month
(We meet weekly in Portland.)
Dietary Choice or Restrictions:
Diet is up to each individual
(Prefer vegetarian for group functions, but free to eat what you like)
Dietary Practice:
(When doing group functions or workshops diet is vegetarian, but each memeber can eat whatever they want in their own homes)
Alcohol Use:
Tobacco Use:
Social Factors
Restrictions on Romantic Relationships (between consenting adults):
(Celebrate Love!!)
Shared Spiritual Path:
(Just an ackmowledgement that All paths lead to God.)
Which Spiritual Path(s):
Eclectic (integrates pieces from many religions)
(Any religeous or spiritual practice is OK so long as there is an acknowledgement of God/Spirit/Creator.)
Educational Style(s):
(As desired by the parents.)
FionaRhea ecstatic on the land
Gopal smudges Steph
Joan at the Blessing Ceremony
Sylvie Lakshmi
The Blessing Spiral
Concluding the Blessing with hand holding
Kirstin cooks over the campfire
Edward learns the joys of camping out
Bounty of maples and alder
Two year round creeks and several wetlands
Great Food at Wilderness Survival Camp
Friends Hug at Wilderness Survival Camp
George, leather craftsman, and Fiona
Geroge with his granddaughter Mia
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